Don't Look Back

Sebastian luedke dontlookback sluedke

Don't Look Back

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Sebastian ludke vehicle sketch 002
Sebastian ludke vehicle blueprint 001

The third WorldWar is over. Most of the worlds population died in the last devastating days of this cruel atomic war. Mankind tried to avoid this scenario for many ages but was left with no options. Atomic Storms and heat waves turned most parts of the world into Desert and spared only a few cities from drowning in the Sand.

A few survivors left on a road trip threw the wastelands to savage what is left, traveling from city to city. Rebuilding a military vehicle and reinforcing it with what ever parts they found. Stocked with gas and water tanks, on the run from extreme weather changes, storms and with death on there heals but still not loosing hope. Probably now on their last run since they found out The Fabulous Las Vegas is gone..